Las Vegas Green Chamber of Commerce



las_vegas_green_chamber_of_commerceOur mission is to connect people who are developing and implementing projects, policies and technologies that effectively address climate change, end our dependence on non-renewable energy and create pathways to enhance economic opportunities within our community through sustainable business practices and the creation of “Green-Collar” jobs and industries.



Our vision is to establish a member-driven organization where businesses, governmental entities, educational institutions, community based organizations and individuals come together to create a unified voice for the betterment of the environment, economy and our community.



  • Help our member-businesses grow and prosper through sustainable business practices.
  • Help you accomplish the goals that are most important to you.
  • Help you gain recognition for your environmental leadership and community involvement.
  • As a Chamber, set and achieve realistic goals for the implementation of residential and commercial weatherization and energy reduction programs.
  • Encourage the adoption of responsible environmental actions across public and private sectors.
  • To become green ambassadors all Chambers of Commerce in Nevada.


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LV Green Chamber

las_vegas_green_chamber_of_commerceThe Las Vegas Green Chamber of Commerce was created to assist distressed businesses in the inner city, to create jobs and to attract new business to Las Vegas. After many community meetings, focus groups, stakeholders meetings, high sped rail forums, energy symposiums and pilot programs, we have developed an organization that will promote economic growth in all of Nevada, The Las Vegas Green Chamber of Commerce.


The Las Vegas Green Chamber of Commerce is comprised of leaders from major green industries including energy conservation, energy production, water, food, waste, transportation, health care and communications.


No longer will the public have to wade through myriad agencies seeking infomration and resources. The sustainability center has all of the “Green” resources under one roof.


We offer our member many valuable business services such as:

  • grant writing assistance
  • Business development seminars
  • Professional development workshops
  • Business plan writing
  • Monthly luncheon meetings
  • Website, marketing, and internet strategy consultation.
  • and many other networking and team building opportunities.

Housing market: Can double digit gains be sustained?

What is the future of premium residence values in Studio city? LA, California? People enjoy habits that visit prepare, Ben Bernanke, the high priest of Worldwide finance gave advising just recently of a future modification in habit and disturb a great deal of his followers in Wall road. Will the recent dramatic gains in premium LA property costs verify a short-term installment because of this?

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The real estate market as a recovering patient

Printing $85 billion a month for the last couple of years to keep rate of interest low has actually enabled the United States real estate market ( without a doubt the largest asset training of investment) to reclaim its footing. The real estate market was the patient associated with the crash. After demanding treatment with terrifying moments The $85 billion “medication” was administered to bring the patient back from the point, Now as the patient gains back toughness the medication is being withdrawn. The question beckons? Has the patient ended up being based on the medication? The simple reference of a decrease seems to have triggered” withdrawal systems” with stock exchange swooning. In the recent Senate hearing Bernanke relocated to assure flustered capitalists that had actually grown tense. The Smart kingpins know however that the long past due increase in the long Bond yield indicates that the extended period of traditionally ultra low rate of interest in the United States is undoubtedly coming to an end.

A wall surface of money

The United States real estate market HAS reclaimed its wellness due to the fact that the pre- crisis irregular increase in homeownership from the long term historic standards has actually now downsized to below average. Property buyers with fictional incomes servicing underwater debt have been changed by a brand-new sort of house financier. Hedge funds and exclusive equity players. have already locked in Billions in funding at traditionally low rate of interest to go on a unmatched purchasing spree. For the very first time, a wall surface of money from big well funded institutional players & cash abundant hedge funds are buying 10s of thousands of household homes, typically for less than the price of building them. They are focused on making a good-looking return by renting out to households, several of whom were badly burned by the residence buying experience. This wall surface of money is still pouring into the real estate market due to the fact that it is not straight linked to the most likely future increase in rate of interest, The Folks in Wall road doing the massive lifting have protected their finance already when it was cheap. They have already seen a increase in the asset market value of their investments and thus will use this to using still bigger investments in house. Possibly. As recent events have shown the markets still have the energy to shock.

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Short-term outlook

It would seem that the big gains in residence values of the last 12 months might moderate as a result of the “tapering” chatter that has actually unsettled capitalists of late, however we do not visualize a go back to a customers market for the factors stated. That said there are several rough head winds that might suddenly show up- the unsolved eurozone crisis that could suddenly end up being a monetary hurricane. And underground, hidden, those Iranian centrifuges are now simple months far from America’s red lines. A property financier when asked Jacob Rothschild, “How did your household ended up being so affluent with property?” as the story goes Mr. Rothchild reacted with a droll smile, “We constantly marketed ahead of time.”

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